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Budget Calculator

Your Budget, Carefully Managed

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Every remodeling project is different, and there are many variables that go into your overall cost. The good news is that Marsh Kitchen & Bath oversees the entire project—including your budget, ensuring that you'll get the best possible value for your investment.

Budget Calculator

Remodeling? Get an idea of how much you might spend, and on what.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) suggests budgeting your remodel as a percentage of your home's value:

15-20% for a kitchen
5-10% for a bathroom

What are you working on?

Or… use your home's value to
determine your budget

Explore your
budget breakdown.

Your Renovation Budget: 

What's Your Percentage?

Good Better Best

What’s your remodeling mindset? Will only the “best” do? Is “good” good enough? Or are you somewhere in between? We can work with you on your material choices, project scope, and expectations. For example, to do a robust kitchen remodel with all the bells and whistles…

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10-15% of Home Value

Very budget-minded or limited changes made. Focus on well-made, value-engineered options, with a sharp pencil on project costs.

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15-20% of Home Value

The middle ground. High-quality, stock and semi-custom options. Prioritize tradeoffs, keep costs close to recommended percentages.

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20-25% of Home Value

Extensive remodel or very selected, premium changes. Higher-priced cabinets, more exclusive materials, custom touches.

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Remodeling 101

Get smart about remodeling costs.

No two projects are the same. Understanding some fundamental “tips” before you remodel can help keep the budget under control.

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Shaping Your Expectations

Understand the impact of your kitchen layout.

What shape is your kitchen? The layout of a room, especially a kitchen, affects your remodeling cost. More complex layouts generally have more square footage and surface area to cover.

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Still Have Questions?

Not sure how much to spend on a remodel? Schedule a free consultation and we’ll help you.

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