Shaping your expectations about kitchen layouts.

Posted on Apr 18, 2022

by Marsh Kitchen & Bath

Shaping your expectations about kitchen layouts feature
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A kitchen’s layout affects how it cooks (and looks)… and impacts remodeling cost, too.

Similar to size, the shape of your kitchen affects your remodeling cost. More complex layouts generally have more square footage and surface area to cover.

We’ve listed these kitchen layouts by relative remodeling budget, from smallest to largest. Imagine we designed all of them using the same product selections… each one would require progressively more of everything, including cabinets, hardware, countertops, and backsplash materials. Not to forget, also labor.

What shape is your kitchen?

One Wall

A simple, efficient layout to work in and design for. All cabinets, appliances, and countertops are tightly arranged along one wall, in a usually limited space. Can be a small, enclosed kitchen, or sit at the end of another room.


A compact, incredibly efficient layout. Two facing walls for cabinets, accommodating counters, hardware, accessories, and other materials. In existing homes, often narrower, with less square footage.


A popular layout, with plenty of room for cabinets, a single corner for deep storage, and lots of counter space. The longer the sides of the “L,” the more you may need to spend on your remodel.


A very versatile layout, with three walls of cabinets and two corners, surrounding the cook with ample storage and countertop space. Can hold a lot of cabinets, countertops, accessories, and built-ins, which can increase remodeling costs.


A very hard-working, complex layout, with three+ walls and three corners available to fill with lots of cabinets, hardware, and accessories. Large countertop. Easily incorporates additional sink, cooktop, range, or eat-in space. Requires thoughtful budgeting to keep costs in line.


A very popular layout, with all the versatility of an L- or U-shaped layout plus an island—requiring experienced planning and design. Modernizes and maximizes workspace, storage, seating, and visual impact in a kitchen.

If your kitchen layout is large enough or open to another room, consider adding an island to improve looks, function, and entertaining space. For budgeting your kitchen layout, adding an island always requires more cabinets, materials, and labor. It may also call for wiring or plumbing.

Make the most of any layout.

Ask a Marsh Kitchen & Bath designer how to work with your layout to maximize your functionality and create the look you want. Visit one of our four showrooms to find ideas—whatever shape you’re in—and talk to a designer.

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