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The Holidays Told You—In Not-So-Subtle Ways—This Is the Year to Remodel!

Posted on Feb 14, 2024

by Marsh Kitchen & Bath

Resolution feature
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No more host of Christmas past!

Many people have an epiphany over the holidays… that with friends and family descending in droves, it’s way past time to remodel your outdated kitchen or bath. It’s possible that you even made a New Year’s resolution to remodel. (We hear that a lot.)

To help you make this year the year, we’ve come up with these silly-but-serious reminders of what might have happened over the holidays. (Only slightly exaggerated.) But it’s done in the spirit of boosting your mood and bolstering your resolve—to finally begin that remodeling project.

If this is you and your kitchen, it’s definitely time to remodel…

You used anti-aging concealer. You put ribbons and wreaths on the fronts of all your cabinets… and you still don’t want to take them down.

Your kitchen is so last century. Your Great Uncle Eddie “complimented” your good taste in decorating: “This looks exactly like the kitchen in our first house.”

You’ve lost that youthful glow. After the party, you realized that your scratched-up, worn-out, down-on-their-luck cabinet fronts look waaaaaaay better by candlelight.

Maybe one thing could not be dysfunctional over the holidays...

You’re literally coming apart at the seams. At a crucial moment in the festivities, those cabinets above the stove came unhinged again. And so did you.

You have a no-flow kitchen layout. At your crowded pre-Christmas party, your chatty aunt butted into your kitchen’s already difficult-to-maneuver “working triangle.”

Your guest list keeps expanding. The extended family has outgrown your kitchen. A new island with extra counterspace and seating would be more comfortable—and you wouldn’t have to eat in shifts.

You’ve gotten really good at living with inadequate storage…

You stored food in unusual places. Clever you, using the upstairs laundry room to store groceries for a houseful. And, can’t emphasize this enough, you got in all your steps over the holidays.

You keep rolling with it. Without a mudroom, everybody used your undersized kitchen counter as a drop zone. Which meant half an hour of decluttering before you could start making your famous popcorn balls.

Your cabinets are black holes. Your mother-in-law pulled a muscle reaching for the baking powder waaaay up in the corner cabinet. Time to treat yourself to new cabinets with space-making and easy-access accessories like a lazy Susan, Lemans, a trash bin, and other solutions (that even she will approve).

And what about those bathrooms?

You bought in bulk. You got more than enough for the bathroom—more than you could store. So, until someone needed another roll of toilet paper, those 48-roll packages stayed in your SUV.

You felt like a pool attendant. Lacking ample storage in the guest bath, you were constantly doling out fresh towels and bath supplies.

Your cat left minty footprints down the hallway. The kids shared their bathroom with their cousins. And the cat. And, without enough counterspace or drawers to hold their stuff, everything ended up on the floor—including an open tube of toothpaste.

Can you say “Amen-ity”? When it was all over, you just wanted to retreat to your spa-like bathroom and sink down into your sculptural soaking tub or stretch out on the pretty window seat… oh, wait, that’s right, you don’t have that yet.

But really, seriously…

If entertaining for the holidays in your outdated space is as much frustration as it is fun, let’s do something about it! We bring the inspiration, the design knowhow, and the practical approach that will get your house ready for the next big entertaining occasion (or holiday season).

Explore our website for ideas and an overview of our process—from vision to installation. Visit a Marsh Kitchen & Bath showroom, get ideas, and talk to a designer about how your holidays went. And how you envision this year’s going even better.

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